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Prosthetic leg restoration

21 years old boy lost his right in train accident. Lots of changes in life due to tragedy. Hope never been ends. Two years after recovering from traumatic incident. He visited my clinic for prosthetic leg restoration. Chief Complaints Phantom pain continued after two years. Due to family circumstances he was not able to get the post traumatic stress management. History He was studying in final year of graduation. He was living in interior side or we can say away from city where the college located. That's why 15 km cycling to catching the train. On the day of accident he got a few minutes late to catch the train. Hurry situation he falls from moving train and lost his leg. Vitals During the time of assessment and measurements his B. P. and all diagnostic test were fine. Physical Examination Stump conditions allowed to go for prosthetic leg restoration. Management Supra condyler suspension system with total surfaces body weight wearing socket design Transtibial prosthetic leg.



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