Protruded Eye mass

A 7 Yr old boy presented with a protrusion of the left eye of 3 years duration following an event of sharp trauma to that eye the patient's mother reported an accidental cut to his left eye while he played with a kitchen knife 3 years previously. Immediately after the accident he was brought to the local hospital & seen by a general practitioner. The patient complained of a red eye, pain, and loss of vision. He was given an eye patch, eye drops, and oral antibiotics and managed as an outpatient. 2 months after the injury, the patient complained of an enlarging whitish protrusion of his left eye. Now how should we treat?



?? Post ocular Trauma Corneal Staphyloma. Ocular trauma occurring in children often leads to visual impairment or blindness when it is not properly managed Corneal Transplant required

This eye will need corneal transplant It is anterior staphyloma Pt has already lost the vision may land in pthysis bulbi and lead to enucleation

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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I agree with Dr.Sabistaji. Staphyloma. It is an abnormal protrusion of the uveal tissue through a weak point in the eyeball. The protrusion is generally black in colour, due to the inner layers of the eye. It occurs due to weakening of outer layer of eye (cornea or sclera) by an inflammatory or degenerative condition.. Immidiate corneal transplant is strongly advised..

Anterior staphyloma: Rx : Because of secondary glaucoma present in such eyes , vn will be " no perception of light " . Also there would be extensive & irregular peripheral anterior synechie with loss of Anterior chamber & loss of angle of anterior chamber in addition to other morbid changes in eye. So no keratoplasty can be done in this pt . NO RX can improve vn of this eye.

Left eye is divergent due to total anterior staphyloma If it is painful treatment is enucleation

Take him to AIIMS New Delhi ophthalmology Department

Left anterior STAPHYLOMA

Ant staphyloma Examine pl/Pr , B scan of whole eye if possible pkp If not possible enucleatipn with prosthetic eye

Traumatic Keratoconus Corneal transplant

traumatic cataract

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