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prurituc rashes 2days on both lower limb. your first visual impression



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Fixed drug eruptions

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Vasuculitis : Palpable purpura with mild crusting on B/L LL A small vasuculitis commonly seen is young Age nd the Palpable purpura due to immune complex at the site Vasuculitis are also seen in infection such as a endocarditis , gonococcaemia ,meningococcaemia nd Rocky mountain spotted fever Maintioned Pt Ht this time any drug history Then may FDE? Need management as per dd

Purpurial rash, screen CBC, BT& CT, DIABETES, HIV, Steroids orally topically antihistomonics Antioxidants,

? iCD / ACD ?? Fixed drug eruptions

Given etorocoxib 3 days back

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Allergic contact dermatitis

Drug induced erruption

Fixed drug eruptions

? ACD.. ? ICD..



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