28 year ol female complaint of psoriasis pathches on limbs and abdominal region since 5-6 months Stiffness of the upper limb due to skin Rigidity Rx ?



Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Psoriasis Long Therapy Treatment Doctor. Rx Psorinum 200 Weekly 1dose X1month. =4dose. 1month After Do Medicine 1.m. Monthly 1dose. X2month. Wait 3month. Itching Recovery Rhustox, Eachanacea 0, is Best.

Please take complete case history and go for Constitutional treatment. Sulphur or Psorinum may be helpful if indicate

First of all I would like you update that Psoriasis is a completely auto-immune disease which comes under the category of incurable one. So, basically you have to always make a good controll overita symtoms so pr will feel relieved always & try to treat on the constutuional basis because that will really help in these kind of diseases.

We may start treatment with Sulphur 30..than according to symptoms similarity we can follow up the case.

Apis Mel may be helpful but individualized the case & totality of symptom may indicate other remedy.

Petroleum 200

Mezereum 30 daily twice with kali s 6x with constitutional medicine...look for psoriatic arthropathy

Take more symptoms,

proper case taking...n know all .physical general ..

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