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Psoriasis is a genetically determined immune-mediated inflammatory disease mediated by T-helper 1 (Th1)/Th17 T cells. It significantly impairs the quality of life of patients and their families resulting in great physical, emotional and social burden. Considerable nation-wide progress is being made to improve the awareness, knowledge and research on psoriasis in India. Please share your experiences with this chronic multisystem disease......



Embracing disease Affecting young age groups more Males>female Beside genetically mediated aetiology now we see changes in lifestyle more fast stressful and least bothered Diet is another factor contributing in recurrences though the disease has relapsing attitude Lack of exercises junk foods hanky-donky lifestyle with smoking alcohol etc Diabetes and obesity are another comorbidies contributing factors Underdiagnosed and overtly treated Specifically mixed or confused with tenia infection and inaccurate line of treatment Overconfidence and dropping out pts again are causes of relapses Iatrogenic and idiopathic are difficult handle

Thanks to improve our knowledge in psorasis Dr agerwal sahib

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Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition that can affect various bodily systems, including the skin. People with psoriasis may have mutations, or changes, in specific genes, suggesting a genetic involvement in its development. Results from previous family and twin studies have shown that psoriasis may run in families. Very troubleful situation. Steroid creams or ointments (topical corticosteroids) are commonly used to treat mild to moderate psoriasis in most areas of the body

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Generally Psoriasis is not curable. Reassurance and counciling required. Exact cause of Psoriasis not known few contributory factors like dietary and personal hygiene and genetic are common with alcohol smoking stressful life etc. discussed above by colleagues. Informative and educative post.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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Tnx Dr Anil Gangani

Yes . Agree .. Depends upon immunity and family history ..very tough to treat and get relief . No remedies for psoriasis


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Informative post thanks for sharing For Psoriasis Rx Brihad manjishthadi kashay syrup Cutisora tab, Sanshamni vati, khadiradi vati, locally Cutisora oil and mahamarichyadi oil are useful

Needs long term treatment with intermittently monitoring of biological parameters

Jaldi Aram atta h

Psoriasis is not cured but can be controlled... This is good review .. thanks for sharing....

Psoriasis patient must moisturize daily after bath and avoid sun lights

Thanks ji Doctor Saheb for your valuable information...I have come across suchcases...apart from is also independent of this...the circumstances the nature....all contribute towards this maldevelopment... Carrots apricots pomegranates muskmelon cucumber cherries berries sunshine ginger walk prayers walnuts blue berries alkaline diet cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval lime juice inhalation techniques all also help..

Thanks ji Doctor Saheb
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