Pulp polyp

Pt 27/F,Painless lesion, dx &Rx




Pulp polyp Asv iopa Rct

Pulp polyp Scaling and RCT

Scaling and RCT must. Iopa to see the extent of lesion

First i will advice you to take iopa x ray to rule out furcation involvement.. If not then go ahead for root canal along with scaling oral prophylaxis..

Evaluate the furcation area for prognosis related to RcT.also evaluate for gingival overgrowth versus pulp polyp.either touch on bleed got cibrosed

Gingival polyp Treatment IOPA Excision of polyp Depending on IOPA -Root canal & crown

It is just a polyp Remove it and proceed for RCT

Pulp polyp

Chronic hyperplastic pulpitis rx pulpectomy


Diagnosis - Pulp polyp with 16 associated with deep carious lesion. Investigation - IOPA of 16 to determine the exact extend of caries. Treatment Endodontic therapy & prosthesis ( crown)+oral prophylaxis. Thanks!

Thank you doctor

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