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vertigo & burning sensation

Pt 30 y male C/c burning after taking food, eructation, bitter test in mouth, appetite low, vertigo... No any history of any disease and drugs.. Vitals are normal... Plz suggest diagnosis and treatment!


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General weakness and vitamin deficiency

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Diagnosis CBP Electrolytes Creatinine Ultra sound Safoof e hazim BD Majoun Ard kurma BD Sharbat e foulad TID 10 ml Jawarish e jalinos OD Itrifal oustequdos BD Avoid all types of junk food Good sleep daily physical activity exercise

Go For Endoscopy ? Gerd? Stomach Erythema ? Peptic ulcer ? tab.Pantoprazole Susp.Sucralfate

Thank you doctor

General weakness and vitamin deficiency

My opinion hyperacidity caused-by -vertigo Stemetle 5mg -bd vertigon 25 mg -bd antacid susp -2tsf-q i d Caps multi vitamine -1 od Adv-cbc esr LFT

Thank you

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