pt 34 yr old having allergies like face and lower trunk part.. he is facing this problem past 6 month .. now a days he can't open his eyes properly because of this.. and some lacration comes out his eyes.. suggest..



Dr. Harsha Here visual shows dryness and scaly pigmentation indicates STEROID REACTION with over use of different creams and exposure of SUN together will produce this picture. TREATMENT: 1) Stop all topical creams temporarily. 2) Tab Fexofenadine 180 mg daily night. 3) Cap vit E and glutathione daily morning. 4) Avoid sun exposure as much as possible. If necessary, Apply sunscreen lotion before exposure to SUN. 5) Moisturiser with aloevera Night time after 3 days .

Thnx for your valuable suggestions... Dr

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Phytophoto Dermatitis The patient is allergic to dust and other air borne allergens. Even sunlight aggravates the problem Recurrence should be explained to the patient Topical Tacrolimus (.1%), moisturising cream Oral Steroids if Itching is severe ( short course) Oral antihistamines

Short course of Oral Steroids r very useful; if others parameters r okay; Moisturex Soft Cream+ Elovera; topical Steroids like Dosetil for 5-7days. Atarax 25 at HS

i agree Dr. Rajaram

Photo dermatitis dd Steven Johnson syndrome

Airborne contact dermatitis

Dermatitis due to sun exposure and prolonged use of steroid based ointments.

? Photo Dermatitis.

LSc with sec

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