pt 37ym in ER with CO fever chills backach with blood mixed urine. investigation attached. Xray ls normal bph gd 1 help in tt dd i put pt on augmentin 1.2tds, ceftriaxon 1gm bd, levofloxacin od gabapentin 750bd, other symptomatic.


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Proteinuria, hematuria, fever, pyuria. What's BP..? USG..? PEDAL EDEMA..? D/D as of now : UTI. / NEPHRITIC SYNDROME. Why both ceftriaxone and amoxyclav..? Any one would be enough. Plz give above information.

Bp 110/76, pedal oedema absent Usg bph grd 1 otherwise wnl.

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Dengue ns1, IgM ab. Scrub typhus IgM.

Ok Wat abt antibiotics/and fluids

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This is a case of UTI. You have all ready stated the antibiotics . Otherwise first require urine examination for C/S. Don't mind you go head .it Will complete. Bu if symptom persists then think for urine C/S.

Today's cbc/urin reports plz c n further suggestions plz PC low

Dengu test and USG ...

I agree with Dr S Dalai

Dr. Devraj Dholariya today's blood report and urine examination. PC decreased 53th

NS1 Ag / IgM - negative

New one @Dr. Siba Dalai

TLC abt 10,000/ PC 60 increased.

This is of new one sir@Dr. Siba Dalai

Get done Dengue serology Snd cbc blood c/s

R/O UTI; renal stone.

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