Pt A Women Age 45yrs Old. Now C/O Women 5yrs Running. Low Back Side Spot Picture Extra Growth Solid Sol. No Pain No inflammation. Stoll Irregular Urine Clear. Drinkness Tendency. Desire Food Sold. Sleeplessness. Memory Loss. Menopause 3yrs. Previous Case History No Significant. BP 120/80.Bodywt 45 kg. Family Case History Father Expired Stock. mother Expired Old Stage.No Blood Sugar. Post a Case Date 4.2.2020. Time 4.55.PM. Plz Suggest DX& RX. Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy.



Sebaceous cyst Silacea 10 M once weakly Conium mac 30 once daily Cure is to be expected afrer three months regular medication Otherwise surgery is the only option and there is no risk during or after surgical operation.after surgery cure is expected within 10 days. Both options are available to the patient.

OMG !!! Is it HAHNEMANNIAN Homoeopathy?

Looks like sebeceous cyst Rx Conium 30 BD Sil 6x TDS daily

Medorrhinum 1 m 1 dose Calc flour 30

sebaceous cyst surgical removal

Sebaceous cyst ?

Sebaceous cyst medo or thuja work nicely give after differentiating the drug...

Calcaria flour, Lapis albus,, Radium brom,, NATRUM MUR MAY BE HELPFUL...

कॅल्के आयोडेट 6x कोनियम 200 स्टॅफिसाग्रीया 200 अन्टीम क्रुड 200

Silicea 10M -1dose After 1 weak Baryta carb 200 -1dose daily

Sebaceous cyst adv surgical excision under LA

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