Pt age 23yrs h/o fever on off since 15days mild abd pain vitals r normal please dx&rx



It's case of enteric fever because wbc count is low.pain in abdomen is because of hepato spleenomegaly Go for widal test ,usg abdomen.t/t is tab cifi o twice daily for one week .cap parit d empty stomach daily.for pain aceclo para twice daily along with multivitamins and liver tonic

Decreased hemoglobin raised MCV with decresed leucytes suggestive bicytopenia if no other localization for fever can we think of vit B12 deficiency which can somtimes present as fever but lymphocytosis will remain unexplained

Neutropenia? Cause any drug

fever with leucopenia most commonly seen in malaria enteric and dengue..fevr is for more than 15 days no thrombocytpenia so vry unlikely for dengue..rule out enteric by widal and stool culture coz its more than 2 week and do ps for mp and malarial antigen test

Viral infection.

looks dengue fever, NS1 IgG/IgM for dengue, USG ,RMT --- hydration , watch wbc , Plt

In view of leuvopenia and neutropenia seems to be enteric fever.suggest widal test

pt might have dengue fever low wbc pain abdomen can be gb wall oedema .pls asmit the pt go for usg hudration .repeat cbc daily

Tab sumo plus bd Tab rabihope l od Tab oflolcin 200mg bd Syrup sucton o bd Iv flued Dns 500ml In ceftrazone 1gm In panto.40mg In polyvin In zofer 5days

enteric fever, macrocytic anemia, hepatic

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