Pt Age 56 yrs Old. Occupation Cultivator. C/0 Patient 6 month Running Spot Picture Since Cyst on tongue. & Pain & inflammation. Desire Food Sold. Stoll Irregular Urine Clear Anorexia Tendency. Sleeplessness. Addiction No. ( Before and after). H/O Previous Case History No Significant. Family Case History Father Expired Gangrene. Mother Expired Liver cancer. B/P 120/80 Body Wt 60 kg. My Diagnosis is Mucocele Cyst. Please Suggest RX. Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy.




Leucoplakiya Please go for constitutional Homoeopathic treatment

Merc Sol 1 M monthly × 3 dose Calcaria Fluor 6 X TDs

Ambra 30 tds

Initial stage of Lecoplakia , Family History positive for CA Take mentals observing or Family members so that a Constitutional medication could be prescribed

Selica 30

Acid nit calc flour

Merc sol 1m bd for three days sir if you agree

Kali mur/6x , mere Sol/30

Thuja 10 M. Calc carb 10 M

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