pt. aged 40yrs.No HTN OR DM. H/o trauma about 2yrs back. Dx. n Rx.



Traumatic cataract complete workup will include 1. vision assessment 2. pupillary reaction 3. lenticular status ie anterior capsule ,any element of subluxation 4. posterior segment evaluation by USG bscan Surgery Phacoemulsification with PCIOL if sufficient capsular support present. else plan for SFIOL with anterior vitrectomy

Case of Traumatic cataract Workup- imaging B-scan, A scan, CT scan of the orbits -Fractures and foreign bodies Treatment- primary procedure is posterior capsulectomy and anterior vitrectomy Lens implantation-Capsular fixation is the preferred placement if the lens capsule and zonular support are intact.

Traumatic rosette cataract. Rx . Depends upon the amount of vn present . If marked d/v is present after best correction , surgery should be done.

History of trauma 2 yrs back so could b traumatic cat but rule out diabetes or any other metabolic ds to b ruled out . Complete dilated slit lamp exam of ant segment , ac , capsule intactness , pup reaction , pin hole , post segment exam , fundus if visible , get B scan done to rule out RD secondary to trauma if any . Treat phaco with iol

Traumatic cataract vision assessment pupilary response B-scan Phaco with IOL

traumatic cataract needs IOL implant

Traumatic cataract

traumatic cataract of left eye

traumatic cataract requires phaco with iol

after dilating pupil these how it looks source internet

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