Pt c/o burning sensations n ulceration on soft palate Pt having heavy chain smoker Plz Adv dx n T/t??? Hairy leukoplakia or lichen planus????



Poor hygiene ,Tobacco chewing creating teeth staining lichen planus irritant dermatitis Dental Hygienist help required.

Olp Nd tongue coating is presnt bcoz of poor oral hygiene Kenacort tid for 7 dayz nd oral prophylaxis

Nicotinic stomatitis and hairy tongue Both these conditions are seen in patients with heavy smoking Foremost step to take firstly wud to stop the habit. Biopsy should be done to rule out carcinoma or epithylial dyslasia. Tongue can be scraped and cleaned. For the palate application of candid mouth paint and turbocort ointment. Lycostar tab for a month. Stopping the habit will give a good prognosis

Lichen planus

Hy doc, As you told he's a heavy smoker, Leukoplakia is the diagnosis. If pt c/o any burning sensation while having hot nd spicy food, then it's lichen planus. Secondly, Check for mouth opening and OSMF. Then, smoker's palate can also be well appreciated. Also, on tongue, i think, it's candidiasis. Is it scrappable? If yes, it's candidiasis. If not, possibly, black hairy tongue. Rx- 1. Quit smoking 2. Administration of antioxidants 3. Administration of corticosteroids. 4. Administration of multivitamins 5. Maintainance of oral hygiene 6. Oral prophylaxis 7. Chlorhexidine mouth wash 8. Follow up.

Anti fungal not required???

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Oral Lichen Planus Black hairy tongue Stomatitis nicotinic

Lichen planus

Dx-Nicotinic stomatitis -Hairy leukoplakia -Hairy tongue -Oral lichen palnus -Smoker melanosis Rx -Acid nitricum -Merc sol -Borax -Betadine 2% gargle -Hexine 0.2% Mouth Wash

It appears as two separate lesions 1. Black hairy tongue 2. Stomatits nicotini These conditions develop in long term smokers and are indicators of possible malignancy if the habits are not discontinued.. Teeth has also completely discolored due to tobbaco stains.. First and foremost the patient has to give up or at least minimize the daily pattern of smoking.. As of our duty.. Do complete oral prophylaxis.. Adv betadine mouthwash.. Topical medications such as flucinonide ointment, tretinoin, and antifungal drugs.. Adv the patient to brush the tongue daily to get rid of the hairy growth for 2-3 wks Else surgery can be performed to trim the elongated papillae... The palatal lesions should resolve in 3-5 wks max on its own by cessation of smoking.. However, its better to have regular follow up to ensure any keratotic or unhealing lesions that might require biopsy.. Good luck doc

Oral lichen planus......he should quit these bad habbits

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