Pt c/o Chest pain at night with Breathing difficultie please diagnosis

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There is Cardiomegaly and Pleural thickening Right with unsharp right CP angle. Hilar shadow is heavy. Pain may be due to pleural disease. Needs ECG and Echocardiogram to exclude failure / incipient failure as cause of night time breathlessness.

Sir Very elaborate and to the point answer There may be element of left hheart failure so there is orthopnia

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Pleurisy with thickened pleura right. Cardiomegaly.

Cardiomegaly with Infiltration Rt Lower lobe of Lung Advise Sputum Examination for AFB Rx Symptomatic Treatment Should be Given for 5 day's

Cardiomegaly, hazyness rt paracardiac area, rt pleural thickening.hyperinflated lung fields, obliterated bilateral costophrenic angle.

Cardiomegaly with rt thickens pleura

Cardiomegaly ..rt.pleural thickening...heavy hailar shadow

Apparent cardiomegaly with RLZ pneumonitis. Echo-doppler is a must in this case.

Dd will be.. 1. Pulmonary arterial hypertension 2. Pulmonary embolism 3. Consolidation However history and ecg will be more helpful

Cardiomegaly Rt pleural thickening

Landing in left ventricular failure.Rt. midzone chest has lesions

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