pt c/o difficulty in breathing usual rhinitis nasal blockage on lying down. age 7 yr mother have DM ENT surgeon adv surgery, is it necessary please


Pt is having gross deviated nasal septum with mucosal thickening of sinuses along with hypertrophy of adenoids. As the patients age is 7 yrs and block is more on lying down position ideally adenoidectomy followed by steroid spray can be tried. If not improved then limited septoplasty can be tried in expart hand as the patients age is 7yrs.

as patient age is only 7 years better initial medical mangement fallowed by adenoidectomy/adenotonsillectomy falloed by longterm antiallergic medication and steroid spary , septoplasty and fess later

I think she should be started on intranasal steroid sprays. Mometasone 2 puff in each nostril once a day for a month. should be reassessed and adenoid hypertrophy clinically needs to be ruled out.

A shaped DNS with pansinusitis. Surgical correction can be done if patient is symptomatic.

correction of septum. it Wil take care of sinusitis

Rima W mam

nasal wash, and pranayam

in ct plate we can nicely see the adenoid hypertrophy, so in pediatric age I would like to advice ADENOIDECTOMY with tonsillectomy if symptomatic, rather go for sinus surgery, and if patient had same complaint then think for sinus and septal surgery, as the age of patient is 7 and in maximum cases sinusitis in pediatric age group is mostly due to hypertrophie adenoid and tonsills,

First correct that grossly deviated nasal septum towards LEFT and if possible lt MMA and then put on long term steroid topical nasal sprays.explain parents about allergic rhino sinusitis and precautionary measure to be taken.put on follow up

8gross deviated septum, maxillary mucosal thickening and mild sinisutis in other sinuses.. hypertrophy of turbinates... she requires both septoplasty and fess maybe wid partial turbinoplasty(middle turb)

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