Pt c/o watering red eye with periorbital edema, 8-10 times in last few months Every time present same and respond to treatment in 2-3 days... Discuss...



As recurrences are frequent & responds to treatment in 2 to 3 days , it is most likely to be allergic conjunctivitis.

Even little puffiness of upper cheek. Rule out systemic allergy. Proper history of associated asthma , allergic sinusitis, skin allergy should be ruled out. Is it related to intake of any medicines , local application and any particular food.

As from the pic.. It is unilateral ... Systemic allergies will affect whole body.... And bilaterally Compete CBC with ESR /CRP TO ruleout any hidden pathology is needed.. Detailed slit examination AS Many a times surrounding infection/swellings are possible sinusitis, tooth decay etc.. Systemic Antibiotic (preferred Amoxi+clav.) Montelaukast+citrizine Deworming Improve immunity and GENERAL TONIC to be given

Slit lamp AS with even lid margins.. If any findings t/t accordingly

Preseptal cellulitis.It may follow adjoining affections like sinusitis.


Blepharo chalasis or IBA.

Any conjunctival findings?papillae/follicles? A course of antihelminthics may help and cause no harm-had seen a similar case (though not as frequent) which turned out to be cysticercosis

No papillae/follicle

need to rule out kidney disease, allergic conditions, any significant family history. .history of medications.


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