pt came in casualty, no chest pain,share your opinions,



P wave paralysis Widening of QRS Tall T waves First suspect is Hyperkalemia. Giving Calcium chloride IV Bolus or Calcium Gluconate infusion without waiting for results might help if you could localise the source of Hyperkalemia ( Most common being AKI or CKI., Post renal azotemia from UTI)

Junctional rhythem LBBB Broad QRS TALL T WAVE .rule out HYPERKALEMIA

yes broad QRS complexes,tall T wave with LBBB anj junctional rhythms. possibility of Aki . need proper history. calcium gluconate iv 10ml stat. watch for rhythm,ECHO to b done.send KfT and urine routine and TSH.

I'm also agree with Dr. santosh sir. .possiblities are 1..CRF . HYPERKALEMIA 2..ALUMINIUM PHOSPHIDE POISONING 3.OLEANDER SEED POISONING. .

Sine wave pattern HYPERKALEMIA until proven otherwise

ECG shows no P waves,wide QRS complexes, tall T waves with LBBB pattern... first rule out Hyperkalemia...if it's normal, then do cardiac troponin, ECHO...

??hyperkalaemia or AIVR

Bilateral bundle branch block with hyperkalemia.

my expected interpretation is " J ". point elevation in v2 v3 v 4 leads ,, absent p waves , junctional rhythm ,, keep close watch on PR, BP,, development of cardiac symptoms,, repeat ECG after 20 min,, if still I'll sustain / progresspin j wave give loading dose, send for trop-T

lbbb+ tall t waves. r/ o hyperkalemia. no chest pain- but still needs cardiac evaluation. if possible compare with previous ecg . check sugars - could b silent MI

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