Pt complain of pain in 47 since 5 month ,tabbaco chewer plz suggest



Pain could be due to Periodontally weakend TOOTH Or Suspected CA (BIOPSY is required) TREATMENT as for now Advice the pt to quit the habit Scaling nd root planning

Suspected case of CA but biopsy only confirm the diagnosis. As seen in the picture oral hygiene is also compromised.also check buccal aspect and any lymphadenopathy.

The pics which has been posted show some evidences of malignancy that has to be confirmed only by biopsy.....go for some iopa n more of tests to confirm it

Ulceration and proliferation suspected SCC. Prognosis poor in close vicinity to genioglossus attachments next to floor of mouth

CA alveolus.check bilateral submandibular lymph node status.incisional biopsy mandatory for confirmation

Looks like Carcinoma,,, check mobility of teeth,, any paresthesia,,, need biopsy for confirmation

Doc pls upload iopa of area in question n one intraoral pic from lingual aspect

This case of a CA...?

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We can suspect CA

Scc do biopsy..

SCC Do biopsy

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