Denued bone- sequstrum ?

Pt complains of severe pain since 15 days. No history of trauma, have habit of smoking and alcohol consumption. No relevant medical and dental history. On clinical examination, there is rough surface on the lingual aspect of mandible in relation to first molar. Denued bone surface ( sequstrum). What can we do for this. Can we place a soft tissue graft on exposed bone after smoothening of bone.



Case of Irreversible Pulpits with Localised Periodontitis. Treatment ,1. Gel-Kenacort , apply Thrice daily. 2.Cap.Phexin -500 mg ,BD for 7 days. 3.Tab.Ketorol-DT , SOS for 7 days. 4.Tab.A to Z , OD for 2 week.

Adv. Iopa and Opg

Do you have a radiograph for this ??

Take a Xray first

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