Pt complaint of itching since last 1 year and taking anti fungal ointment but not benifitted. Diagnosis and treatment pls??



Itching where , on the foot or inbtween toes. Watch out his footwear and socks. Could the drug be spurious. At times one need to see the pt. But why not ask pt. What else he has used. Try steroids Cream for two there days and watch the improvement.

Tenai pedis responds to oint terbinafine & oral500 mg od28 days avoid water contact

I am DrRajinderRai SMO in Polyclinic Ambala City. I worked in Casualty & Burn & Plastic Surgery deptt's of Medical college Rohtak ,House Job in Psychiatry , & in Civil Hospital Bhiwani , Jhajjar , Ambala & in ESI deptt , Field Hospitals . I did many MLR & PMR .So a vast experience of common emergencies in distt Hospital level .

friends I think so much of anger here is uncalled for. there is no harm if one is being inquisitive and seeks answers for his dilemma..everyone of us is eager to know more. rest assured no sane person would go with his foot to a dentist and no dentist would venture outside of what he is master of.

contact dermatitis

I myself being a general practitioner would not venture into cases of a ophthalmologist or a cardiologist . its no shame in that and neither our fellow friends from dental side should cross over to our domain. period

I went there and asked her she said that I am at least better than a quack. she wrote taxim for a child of 1year for cough . super justifications here in india

Sebifin prescribed

Better share better gainer

Agreed with Dr priyansh and Dr Saurav

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