pt. complaints of burning sensation in right and left buccal mucosa for past 1 month



Erosive lichen planus .. Lesions is quite extensive n duration mentioned is very less... Tt.. .Tess gel 1 %..3 times fr 15 duration given is very may start improving ..if not go fr systemic steroids Prednisolone 30 mg tid

D/d Lichan planus Pemphigoid valgaris/mucous membrane pemphigoid Punch biopsy If diagnose as this Treatment :-Pulse tharapy 1yr course Tab. Endoxon 50 mg OD for 1yr Please diagnose with punch biopsy and blood investigation.

Thanks a lot Dr.

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Bilateral lesion mostly suggests oral lichen planus..start treatment with topical steroids/amlexanox along with topical if not resolving then go for biopsy

Erosive lichen planus. Start tab prednisone20mg bd for 7days then taper it ,depending on pt's response. add antifungal also

Looks like lichen planus ......please go for biopsy

Looks like speckled leukoplakia .

D/D Lichan planas

It looks like OLP adv topical antifungal and systemic steroids for 1 month.Adv Incisional biopsy

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