Pt female 12 year old this patches all over body since 1 year C/o itching Plz diagnosis and treatment



psoriasis only.coaltar steroid cream psoralein,salycylic acid

psoriasis probably steroids with skin softeners

Psoriasis. Coaltar & steroid creams for local application.

psoriasis steroid ,salicylic acid ointment

Psoriasis...steroid, coaltar, salicylic acid for local application... May give oral prednisolone or methotrexate if requirex

Oral steroid should not be given sir

It's GUTTATE type of PSORIASIS commonly seen in children and adolescents Second commonest Simple salicylic and clobetasol application will give good result. Good hygiene Mental relaxation Showing affection in this patient by their parents (good counselling) are key factors to prevent recurrence.

In my clinic I am giving DERMOJET Steriod shots on the lesions Cap vit A one course Calciprotriol cream Salicylic acid and clobetasol will give very good result

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psorias topicaly high potent corticosteroids with vitaD calcipotriol coaltar phototherapy PUVA UVB systemic as methotrexate ciclosporin rrtinoids. . diet rich in fish oil

psoriasis. petroleum ointment akuchi oil. and sulphur 1m single dose

Psoriasis treat with steroid

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