pt having fever since last one month..fever comes in interval.age of pt is 12yrs..week.and lithargy and vomiting.headache..and body suggest..your opinion..



Seems Viral infection as the platelets are low and Anaemia is also there. Mahasudershan Ghana vati Sootshekhar Rasa Giloy Ghana vati Samshamni vati Punarnava mandoor. Amritarista + punarnavarista. Peepal chhal kwath to be given to stop nausea or vomiting. Papaya leaves may be added in kwath. Papaya leaves are supposed to be effective to increase platelet count. Khameera Marwareed is also effective in chronic fever &gives strength to heart and brain.

I agree with u

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As per report patient has iron deficiency anemia and low platelets. What is the periodicity of fever. How much is the temperature? Any abdominal pain, stools?, Is it myalgia or bone pains. Headache alone or with pain in eyes. Cough?

Anaemia with thrombocytopenai do ESR CRP ferritin dengue igg igm malaria antigen typhi antigen urine rt xray chest usg abdomen for splenomegaly sos CSF mri brain Dengue dd tbm

More invstigations should be done for proper diagnosis of the dengue card test , widal, LFT, P smear etc.. Find the rubric Fever-intermittent in kent reptry and select the medicine according to similimum

Check for viral marker.., dengue too.. Mahasudarshan vati Lakshmi vilas rasa Aarogyavardhani vati Fluocil tab dootpapwshwar pharma Amritaristam etc can be tried..

Rx Arsenicum Album 1m

Good Rx. But we can't rule out ferrum met since modalities are not mentioned. However bcoz it is rainy season I too have prescribed arsenic alb

Under such crcumstances Sulpher 30 Tds 1 day And wait for 24 hrs Reason. Maltreated or spoiled cases of intermittant fever Another remedy is TUB BOV 1M BD 1 DAY Reason is weak n lethargy Wait for 24 hrs First one comes fm organon of med 2 nd cmes fm Experinces But MUST hv logic wch i am not able to xplain


It looks like viral fever , but dengue igg , igm blood investigation must be done as it shows headache and vomiting signs of cerebral involvement, widal test must also be done Hospitalize the patient and start antibiotics under supervision Csf fluid must also be done

Malerian fever Shree Jaymangal Ras 1 BD with fryjeera powder N honey mixed N BD, Mahasudarsan quath 20 ml with warm water BD Godantymisran I BD Mahasudarsan ghanbati I BD Tribhuvankirti ras1 BD Sanjeevani bati1 BD,

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