pt is 45 yrs ,soft tissue sweling.history of trauma 25 yrs back



OA knee with varus Upper 3rd tibia show osteodense lesion in the medullary cavity In the absence of trauma,consider a healing stress fracture Rare possibility of osteosarcoma MRI evaluation advisable

Old fracture of tibia with osteoarthritis knee joint.

possibility of osteoid osteoma or Garr's osteomyelitis proximal tibia

stress # prox tibia with radiological evidence of union (callus formation)

calcinosis cutis

healing stress #tibia becoz of osteoarthritis leading to tibia vara

look like pathological fracture osteomylitis

Fracture lateral condyle femur with head of fibula. Healed fracture shaft of tibia proximal one third..calus formation..

old fracture tibia with callus

? sclerosing osteomyelitis of garre

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