pt is a healthy male with these non healing wounds since 1 month, c/o itching in whole body with rashes only at night since 1 month. DX and Rx



It is Vidradhi Rx is as follows : 1) Aarogyavardhini 60 tab + Gandhaka rasayan 60 tab +Sutashekhara rasa 60 tab + Amrita guggul 60 tab + Kaishor guggul 60 tab + Triphala guggul 60 tab + Tapyadi loha 40 tab mix all and give 500mg BD with warm water. 2) Mahamanjishthadi kadha 4tsp BD with 1 cup of water. 3) Vrana ropaka tail or Byuchihara malahara for local application and dressing done with all aseptic precautions. 4) Raktamokshana (Jalaukavacharan) Avoid kapha and pitta vardhak aahar vihar.

excellent mishra sir

Amrita guggal, panchtiktghhrat guggal, Arogywardhni vali Gandhak Rsayan Triphala Kawath se prakshalan jatyadi ghhrit se ropan karm kare

Clean the ulcer with Calendula n pack it with Calendula glycerin. Silicea 30 daily one dose for one week. Improvement will be there

no diabetes, FBS 95, creatinine 6.5, HB 15, cholesterol 185, sgot 38, sgpt 45

pt is 37 yr old

Plz give detail history n which pathy dx n rx u want plz mention..

roule out for DM. silicea 1M 2pils qds will relieved him.

some other old wounds seen. it may be venues ulcer.

tubercular ulcer look for AFB in pus swab

RBS s creatinine CBC ANA must

is patient diabetic??

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