pt is diabetic and hypertensive hypertension. .is under control mild itching pl give your view



Dx Capillary bleeding due to starvation of fat & dryness of skin. I think Rx ARNICA

Age not mentioned,. May be senile angiomas

68 yrs

Xerotic eczema with senile purpura?

Capillary bleeding

Senile Purpura. ?

It is a geriatric skin problem due to poor blood circulation.Only proper oil massage all over the body can help ,along with give Arnica mont 30 once daily.Local use of Alovera calendula cream (SBL/BAKSON) over the skin after bath helps a quick recovery and prevent bedsore in bedridden patients.

Spenai churn 10 GM with a glass of water empty stomuch morning Basntkusumakar Ras 1 BD chuing, Rasmanikya ras 10 GM Kuktandav bhasma10 GM Giloysatva20 GM louhbhasm 10 GM manjistha churn 60 GM mixed up N 500 gm BD N Apply Mahamarich yadi tail Abhyaga on full body.

Pupura seems to be drug induced Drug like aspirin steroids pain killers Or may be due to tight grip Ledum pal 30 tds

diabetic pruritus . Control sugar by hypoglycemics available in ayurveda.

Senile purpura Jiwaniyadi tail Neem capsule Sodhan ke liye vasti

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