pt is elderly male with ho RTA fall from two Wheeler ho loc present GCS 15/15 Other vitals stable



Bone window is not included. Left frontal, rt frontotemporal # with pneumocephalus. Subdural air collection both frontal. Suggest conservative management and observe the pt . Rept CT 24 hrs

Bilateral pneumocephalus. Mount Fuji sign. Bone film?

Important question to ask here before giving any advice for treatment ( conservative or operative) is whether there is otorrhea or Rhinorrhea. Head should be kept flat in bed with O2 inhalation.

Post such cases interesting cases gcs15 /15 means pt not in coma their definitely blood collection in frontal region pneumocephalous neurosurgeon opinion with follow up CT

Black dark areas in frontal areas bilateral is pneumocephalus

Thanx dr Mansukh Shah

Its a case of fracture skull.Concussion might be possible.


Normal CT SCAN.No treatment.only keep underobservation for adverse events like convulsions altred consciousness vomitings.then discharge.

Fracture skull with pneumocephalus . Both sides frontal bone fractures

Agree@Saumya Mittal

Thank you
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