Pt./M 30 year old.. Suffering from 1 months. C/o itching .. Plz confirm dx Rx

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Tinea corporis Treatment consist of antifungal antiallergetic and topical cream and immunosuppressive drugs. Cap. Doxt SL one cap. BDPC x 5days. Cap. Itrozac 200 mg One cap BDPC x 5days. Tab. Albactin One tab at bed time. Sy. Liv 52 10 ml BDAC x continue. Cap Omez 20 One cap BBF x 5days. Ointment Lukrash apply locally. Multivitamin minerals and antioxidant regularly for skin nutrition. Keep clean usable clothes and avoid dirty water. Review after 5days.

Thank you Sir@Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana .

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Tenia / Dermatophtosis Maintain hygiene and sanitation Itracanazole 200mg OD Azithromycin 500 OD montalakast Levocetrizine OD Candid dusting powder application moisturex local application multi vitamin OD assurance and psychotherapy

Tinea corporis Adv Tablet Terbinafin 250 mg once daily for 4 weeks Luliconazole ointment for local application

Fungal infection. Wash the area with Ketaconazole shampoo. Micanazole + Salicylic acid application. Itaconazole 200 mg 1 tab OD x 4 weeks. Allegra 1 tab OD.x 5 days.

Tinea Corpus..? Fungal management.. Tab levocetirizine 5 mg BD.. Tab Acylvoir 800 mg od 7 days.. Acylvoir ointment cream use at bed time.. Tab Itraconazole 200 mg od 15 days.. Moisture lotion use.. Luliconazole lotion use.. Tab multivitamin antioxidants trace elements.. Coconut oil use.. Alovera gel uses.. Keep the skin area sterile gauges.. Bath keto soap..

? Tinea corporis

Tinea infection Multifungin oint locally Tab Terbinafin 200 mg od Tab Levocet bd

Tinea cruris Dermatitis Pitiriasis versicular


Tinea corpóris

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