what is minimum ejection fraction necessary for normal oxygenation

Pt of 14 yrs suffering from pleural effusion with myocarditis and an ejection fraction of 20% was put on ventilator and vasopressors infused along with broad spectrum antibiotics. Pt. succumbed after few hours due to hyperkalemic cardiac arrest. q. what is the minimum ejection fraction necessary to maintain circulation and oxygenation if a patient has normal hemoglobin and no sepsis. please answer.. @ cardiologist




I have seen patients suffering from dilated Cardiomyopathy with LVEF of 18% . There is no set lower limit for EF it very from pt to pt and from conditions. But in this case it's is low and the cause of death is hyperkalemia.

Whether vasopressors should have been avoided since there was no circulatory collapse. To me it appears that hyperkalemia was not the cause of death and actually death was caused by ventricular arrhythmia due to injudicious use of vasopressors in a dilated heart.

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