pt off age18yr/m c/o itching ( till bleed ),scaling skin,dark patches since 2yr tried lots off treatment aayurvedic and allopathic no cure. only symptoms vanish till treatment in taking. as medicine stop it aggravate. plz give suggestion all blood reports are within normal limits.



Dr.Sayyadanwar, Thank you and posted Good case for discussion. Here visual shows...Multiple HYPERKERATOTIC tiny nodules due to habitual squatting of the patient with mixed pigmentation and atrophy mainly in flexural areas indicates STEROID INDUCED TINEA or TINEA INCOGNITO . Here due to decreased local immunological host reaction, with underlying infection may persist and acquire the ability to invade the fungus in deeper tissues produce this picture. TREATMENT: 1) Stop all topical creams . 2) Remove the scales by RF scraper. 3) Use only Fluconazole gel form on body including flexural areas. 4) Keep dry in skin folded areas using terbinafine dusting powders. 5) Cap itraconazole 100 mg for 20 days followed by weekly once Fluconazole 150 until lesions subsides. 6) good nutrition and good hygiene will give fast results. 7) young patient, if maintain good habits will get rid off from this .

1) Lakshmi Vilas Ras 125 mg GandhakRasayan 250 mg Rasmanikya 50 mg Kamdudha Ras 250 mg With madhu 2) Khadira rishta 10 ml Maha Manjishthadi Kwath 10 ml b.d.p.c. 3) MahaMarichyadi tail Somraji tail Locally

Also start panchatikta ghrita

Dr Sayyadanwar It's possible chronic Tinea.. Mismanaged leading to tinea incognito. Before treating get fungal scrapping from from at least three sites before deciding on treatment.

Its psoriasis Needs to virechan karma T/t Nardiya laxmi vilas rad125mg+punarnava mandur250mg with honey bd Cap tiktamrit Panchtikta ghrit Pathyadi kwath for bath and drink at bed time Avipattikar churna at bed time Avoid spicy and junk food

Sir, Without Panchakarma Shodhan Chikitsa its almost impossible to cure this case..... @Dr. Arun Kumar Jaiswal sir have suggested the best management... But without shodhan no use.... @Dr. Sayyadanwar Sayyadqasim sir, If possible then please share the Ayurvedic Management what patient have taken.....


Dr.Sayyadanwar sir, Kamdudha Ra's 2 bd, Gandhak rasayan 1 bd, Arogyavardhani bati 2 bd, Sutsekhar Ra's 2 bd, Kaishor guggul 1 bd, Khadirarist, Chandnasaw mixed 30 ml with warm water bd, Mahamarchyadi tail apply.

THIS EXACERBATION NORMALLY OCCURS WITH DERMO-RESPIRATORY SYNDROME DR.Prdeep...I see a Pseudo-psora but not sycosis as you pointed This was ACD as a child... NOW IED

Yes Dr, that's what I'm trying to figure out, using one similimum alleviate dynamic affection but not 2 or 3. medicines,,

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Such types of cases is psoiled by external application and internally Various madicine have to be taken So at first NUX VOM should be given After that sulphur 200single dose Follow up a week Sum clear picture should comes out Then procide further steps

I agree with all shaman chikitsa But here i suggest for Panchakarma virechana and raktamokshan Plus pathyapathya Definitely get results

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