Pt presented with progressive Dyspnea and dry cough from last 6 months . Clubbing present . Xray attached ( spotter)



Scan shows hyper inflated lungs h/o progressive dysponea with cough and clubbing of nails suggest corpulmonale/ccf

Thanx dr Abdul Majeed

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Hyperinflation of both lungs. COPD.

Hyperinflated lungs field. Do pulmonary function test review accordingly.

COPD leading to Cor Pulmonale

H / o cough and dyspnoea and hyperinflated lungs suggest a c / o copd.clubbing suggest a ccf like addition to this case.

Hyperinflated lung fields, cardiovascular markings prominent rt, Left basal hazyness noted,boot shaped heart,

Hyperinflation of both lung COPD

On xray we suspected ILD , in HRCT thorax it came out to IPF ( UIP) sputum see for BRONCHIECTASIS and lung abscess

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