Pt. suffering from this lesions since 10days. no itching locally. previously he was suffering from acute bronchitis and taking moxyclave ,paracetamol, and cough syrup, after then Pt. develop this lesions. please Rx/Dx


Most probably not related to previous medication. Age do not support Acne.Distribution lesion is rather localised.Phrenoderma may be a possibility. Anti helmintic stat. Vit AD 1cap per day for 3 weeks is worth a trial.

Thank you Dr., your suggestions is healpfull.

Acne/ Molluscum contagiosum

The history is still lacking. Age & when the medicines were taken. Doesn’t look like drug allergy. No itching whatsoever. Nearest diagnosis will be Acne form eruptions. Just give calamine lotion externally & review after a week & post.

Drug-induced acneiform types of folliculitis (?)

Acneform eruptions


Lichen planus

@bhagban chowdhury-viral exanthema

Thank you.

Looks like milia squeeze out sebum alcohol swab to dry lesion

Thank you.

Phrynoderma ?

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