Pt was old lady under went ortho surgery covid antigen test negative preoperatively after 15 days developed SOB intialy managed with NIV Later intubated in view of hypoxia Hrct done enclosed interpret findings and management



Bil pleural effusion more on right side. Sub pleural parenchymal destruction noted. Bil ground glass opacities and air bronchogram sugg of bronchopneumonia. ETT in situ. Adv covid RT PCR. Antibiotics bronchodilators mucolytics Sos remdesivir if covid pneumonia is proven.

Thank you doctor

Rt basal pulmonary oedema GGOs bilateral It is a c/o covid19 pneumonitis Likely aggravated post surgery IgG negative for covid is not reliable Put the pt on protocols of covid

Bilateral midzone pneumonitis Do RT PCR clia check spo2 Cbc CRP d dimer il6 LDH ferritin 6 criteria steriod L mwh bd Antibiotics Antiviral Oxygen If cytomic storm tocilizumab 3 days

Bilateral pleural effusions Bil basal consolidation Rt midzone opacification DD Pulmonary embolism COVID pneumonia RT PCR, CT pulmonary angio

Treatment as suggested by Dr. Shivraj Agarwal.

Bilateral plural effusion with collapse

Bilateral basal opacification Right middle zone opacified Double antibiotic Iv decadron Neubolise Tab ivermectin etc

Consolidation and haziness both lungs Maybe chronic Pneumonitis Hrtc

Its covid .. definitely.. forget about swab result.. could be false negative .. repeat test

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