pt.wid h/o electric shock by water n no mark over the area of contact wid current



ecg absolutely normal no any further intervention needed. ..just treat symptomatically n after being stable can be discharged

normal ecg, symptomatic treatment. hyper acute t wave in ant leads . check k+/ look for any acidosis

subtle St elevation in avl, probably insignificant otherwise normal ecg

ecg is normal.... give R.L. fluid... and repeat ecg after 1 hr.

Normal ECG, no intervention needed

ecg is normal plenty of liquid


ecg wnl, Reassurance, 24 hrs observation for any arrythmia, pain relief or mild tranqilizer if required, i.v flui with mvi jst as placebo nothing else

Normal ECG,tachycardia may be due to anxiety, symptomatic treatment. moral support, electrolytes , if necessary anti-anxietic drugs.

no features of arrhythmia, treat symptomatically, reassurance, can treat for fits prophylaxis.

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