pt with complaint of chest pain left sided with headache vertigo vomiting since 3 days what would be appropriate trtmnt and wat is ur probabl diagnosis???

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lf chest pain clinically cardiac then evaluate for acs otherwise headache, vomiting and vertigo frequently coexist s

Sinus tachycardia,rt Atrial enlargement,low voltage in limb leads.

LAD LAHB T wave inversion in lead 3, avf Do enzyme, echo inf wall ischemia

Describe chest pain in detail. There is need of other finding like ear complaints, postural vertigo or not, p/h/o similar illness, nystagmus, and BP and other neurological findings. ECG is showing LAHB (seems to be incidental finding) and do not seems to be having diagnostic contributions for given clinical scenario.

Anterior wall ischaemia with LBBB.

ecg is normal with slight leftward qrs axis. doesn't seem to be of cardiac origin. detailed history is required for diagnosis. think about cervical spondylitis too

Left axis Deviation with left Atrial enlargement..?

with LAFB..

ECG changes not suggestive.Most likely non cardiac in origin.More of history and investigations reqd.Right now treat emperically till other reports are available.

migraine tt sibelium 1 bd vasograin sos pantop dr 1 od

bundle branch block with both atrial enlargement.....

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