ptb defaulter...came with breathlessness, chest pain



left sided pleuroparenchymal fibrosis with compensatory hypertrophy on right s/o ptb sequel

Y not be rt loculated pneumothorax ?

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Fibro cavernous lesions of Koch's noted left lung fields.Fibro cavernous lesions also noted right upper zone.Pneumo thorax noted in right mid and lower zones.Findings suggest pulmonary Koch's lessons (bad management of Koch's) For further management needs certain tests.

Fibrocavitary lesions at right upper lung and left lower lung. Mediastinal shift to left. Hyperinflation right lung. PTB sequel.

Rt pneumothorax with collapse of rt middle lobe. Lt upoer lobe fibrosis with possible left small pneumothorax. Pleuropericardial calcification with probable constrictive pericarditis. Pre and paratracheal and cervical calcified lymph nodes due to tubercular lymphadenitis in past. Probably there is peritoneal calcification also. All due to tuberculosis. The film is little rotated. Needs IC tube drainage of pneumothorax and sputum c/s before deciding on ATT. High probability of MDR TB.

Fibrocavitatory lesions on rt upper lobe and lt lower lobe/zone. Rt pneumothorax with mediastenal shifted to lt. PTB sequele.

Fibrocavitory lesions at rt. upper lung and left lower zone. Mediastinal shift to left. Hyper inflation of rt lung. PTB sequele

Lt sided fibrothorax(compromised lung) with rt pneumothorax due to pulmonary Kochs sequelae

Yes, It is Rt.sided Pneumothorax with a fibrocavernous lesion . There is a Mediastinal shift.

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Post Tubercular fibrocavitory lesions wit compensatory emphysema on rt

Copd with emphysema trachea shifted left fibrotic lesion rt midzone left midzone consolidation Ards do hrct cbnat abc

Evidence of pneumonothorax in right hemithorax and left upper lobe. There is also evidence of fibrotic lesions in right upper/mid zone suggestive of old infective etiology/Koch's lesion Left hemithorax is amost opaque with trachea pull towards left suggestive of collapse/consolidation with evidence of compensatory hyperinflation of right lung and pruning of peripheral vascular markings Left hemidiaphragm is ill defined HRCT is strongly suggested only if clinically indicated

Sir, how can we differentiate bullae and pneumothorax?
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