Pts has hard swelling in lower left side of the oral cavity Treatment?



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D/d- Ameloblastoma Okc Simple bone cyst. My personal opinion is towards ameloblastoma as honeycomb pattern can be observed on the radiograph. Also, teeth are showing knife edge shaped resorption of root which is a feature of ameloblastoma... I think it to be ameloblastoma...

Looks odontogenic intraosseous myxoma. Could be also Simple bone cyst. Ameloblastoma OKC Intraosseous hengioma. Central giant cell granuloma

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Root resortion are more then deviation. All above doctors D/d with one of the chance of Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma.

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Okc ameloblastoma.....take biopsy


Odentogenic keratocyst Ameloblastoma Simple bone cyst Biopsy to rule out

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Ameloblastoma Okc Simole bone cyst

It's multilocular appearance.. Root resorption.. Most probable lesion could be ameloblastoma. But still many other lesions can give similar picture. A histopathology examination is must. That will guide the surgical modality to follow. Anyways a good thought should also be given to reconstruction part.

There is root resorption in the region of 36,37,38 and marked radiolucency seen in the Periapical region of 36, suggestive of cystic lesion but clinical correlation would be required to comment the final diagnosis and treatment will be done accordingly.

Biopsy and then treatment plan as a provisional diagnosis o go along with the all above doctors, along with take medical history and advice bio lab reports

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