PULSE/ نبض/नाड़ी

#Pulse:- pulse is a wave which is felt by the finger , produced by cardiac systole travelling in peripheral direction in the arterial tree at a rate faster than the column of blood . $Types of pulse $ 1. ANACROTIC PULSE :- it is a slow rising , twice beating pulse where both the waves are felt during systole. Eg anortic stenosis 2.PULSUS BISFERIENS :- it is rapid rising ,twice beating pulse where both wave felt during systole. Eg. Ideopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis. 3. DICROTIC PULSE:- it is twice beating pulse where first percussion wave is felt during systole and second dicrotic wave is felt during diastole.. Eg typhoid fever, congestive heart failure, following open heart surgery etc.. 4.PULSUS PARVUS Et TARDUS:- it is a slow-rising pulse a late systole peak and also low in volume and amplitude. Eg severe aortic stenosis. 5.PULSUS ALTRNANS:- strong weak beat occurring alternately , probably due to alternate rather than regular contraction of the muscle fibres of the left ventricle..Eg left ventricular failure , toxic myocarditis 6.PULSUS PARADIXUS:- Eg. Asthama 7.Pulsus bigeminus:- AV block,sinoatrial block. 8.THREADY PULSE :- the pulse is rapid and wave is small and disappear quickly. Eg cardiogenic shock 9.WATER HAMMER PULSE:- it is a large bounding pulse associated with increased stroke volume of the left ventricle and decrease i the peripheral resistance, leading to a wide pulse pressure.. Eg fever, chronic alcoholism, pregnancy, anemia, beriberi,cirrhosis of liver, arteriovenous fistula ,thyrotoxicosis ,bradicardia...et .


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