Introduction:- When any part of the body is cut or wound appears on the body, disease causing bacteria try to enter inside the body through these cuts or wounds and disease resistant bacteria present inside the body try to stop them, at a result of it, dead bacteria and infectious bacteria start to come out with white blood particles (WBC) from wounds in the form of pus. White blood particles increase resistant power inside the body. When pus begins to come out from the body, dead infected bacteria start to come out with dead white blood particles. Secretion of pus is a sign of the infection of disease.           Causes:- This disease occurs due to infection of bacteria. After injury, bacteria are entered into affected part due to which, pus produces on that place. Pus produces due to lack of cleanliness of wounds; diabetes; taking diet opposite to disease; by drinking alcohol; taking insufficient or non-nutritive meals, blood cancer, etc.   Symptoms:- Pain occurs while secreting of pus due to wounds or grains or any other reasons. Fever occurs in serious disease, the patient begins to feel cold and he becomes weak. The part that secretes pus becomes swell after changing into red. Use of different drug in pus:- 1. Hepar-sulph:- In the initial stage of generating pus from boils after erupting on the body, using Hepar-sulph 30 is better. 2. Belladonna:- In the initial stage of boils, before erupting boils, skin becomes swell and red with fever. Giving Belladonna 3, 6 or 30 is beneficial in this condition. This drug is mainly used to remove swelling. 3. Merc-sol:- When pus is produced in boils after erupting then using Merc-sol 30 helps in bursting boils and removes the pus from them. 4. Gun-powder:- Giving Gun-powder 3x at an interval of every 4-4 hours is beneficial in such boils which take long time to cure. 5. Silicea:- This drug is used after coming out the pus completely to cure wounds. Taking 30 potency of this drug is useful. Arnica or Calendula lotion:- Add 7 ml mother tincture of Arnica in a cup of water and should be used for washing poisonous boils appearing on the body. If non-poisonous pus is produced in boils, 7 ml mother tincture of Calendula should be used for washing boils. Other treatments with the treatment by drugs:- 1. The patient should keep himself neat and clean and do same for wounds also and keep by tying bandage over it. 2. The patient should brush twice a day. At night, the teeth should be brushed properly after taking dinner. 3. Fresh and nutritive food should be taken to keep the resistant power. 4. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten minimum 2 times in a day. 5. Non-vegetarian must eat meat or fish once in week. Eating fish comparison to meat is more beneficial because it contains more calories than meat. 6. Milk provides protein and is a good source of carbohydrates. So, milk should be drunk daily. 7. Take enough soup of vegetables at noon that contains appropriate amount of vitamins and mineral salt. Drink enough water and take fresh fruits and raw vegetables or take fat less curd.   8. Do not take coffee and wine. 9. If pus is secreting from any place of the skin, do not use dirty things to clean it, but a piece of clean cotton cloth or cotton should be used. 10. In the case of boils, do not try to remove pus by bursting them. 11. If beads (eruptions) have appeared on the face, use anti-biotic soap before shaving and apply anti-biotic cream also after shaving. 12. Follow the activity of hot fomentation for removing pus from boils or beads. 14. If a person is suffering from diabetes and pus is coming out from his wounds or in other disease, he should consult a doctor to control his sugar level. 15. Avoid alcohol. Treat beads or wounds of the skin immediately even they are minor. 16. If pus is coming out from beads (eruptions) or wounds appearing on any part of the body with fever, keep wounds by tying bandage on it, change bandage continuously until wounds are not cured completely.




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