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S.Uric Acid-10.65,Mixed Dyslipidemia, Vit D3-10, can these lead to marginal increased S.Cr-1.33?



Uric acid is raised in renal compromise than the other way around Hyperuricemia need medication RFT Usg abdomen

Thank you sir. I have added febuxostat 80mg once daily after dinner

Hyperuricemia can lead to kidney damage. Febuxostat 80 mg OD for a few months, with life style modifications Correction of dyslipedemia and vitD3 deficiency should be done

Agree sir. Asked him to take Vit D3 60k for next 12 weeks. Febuxostat 80mg after dinner added. Sir, diuretics all types are C/I in patients presenting with increased S. Uric Acid, right??

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Hyperurecemia may cause renal complications So control URIC acid

Thank you doctor

There is some confusion here.Both se.creatinine and uric acid rise in renal dysfunction of considerable degree.So trying to treat one hoping for improvement in another as you are trying to do here is illogical. In addition, if the value is only 0.01 more than upper limit of lab standard is also rather hasty. I would advise repeat the se.creatinine after 1-2 weeks. As far as uric acid levels are concerned, I would advise 24 hrs urinary uric acid excretion levels .In the meantime check for any f/h of gout. Also instead of rushing to treat on the basis of just 1 reading, put the patient on a low purine diet i.e. strict vegetarian without any dairy products for 2 weeks. Re assess with R F T after 2 weeks. You will be on a much stronger wicket then to advice thepatient.I would stop the febustat immediately.

Agreed. Nice guidelines

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S. Crt.. upto 1.4mg per dl... isNORMAL

Labs upper limit was 1.32 and this came out to be 1.33. So was thinking further aage naa badhe.

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