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Mr. N begins a rigorous treatment regimen for type 1 diabetes that includes a nightly dose of insulin glargine, and doses of rapid-acting insulin aspart with each meal. Nine months later his HbA1c has fallen from 13% to 6-7%. During a family vacation his parents note that N is sweating on a temporate day, and he seems both irritable and confused, as well as slow to respond to questions. N also complains of being warm and having chest palpitations. What would be best treatment for N's condition?

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Hypoglycemia, Check blood sugar level & changed dose of insulin

sir as per one memonic for sugar which goes like this ...skin hot and dry..sugar is high ....cold and clammy...give some candy Here also pt is feeling hot so should not be taken as high sugar plz must reply

Hypoglycemia , give Orange juice

Hypoglycemia & orange juice

The correct answer is, "Orange Juice"

Symptoms of Hypoglycaemia.

Orange juice Or lemon juice

Orange is the best as it has the quality of bringing out the infection to the core and citrus fruits help the body to control further damage

Orange juice

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