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In drug management of severe COVID-19 in a 9-year-old patient, which of the following is NOT indicated?

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Pt is severely covid19 hence age is not considered to save the life Doses of all drugs used are in respect of age My answer is D

I agree Sir with your opinion

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D. All of the above are indicated To save life of severely covid 19 infected pt.all drugs mentioned above must be given but doses may be calculated.

Thanks Dr Ved Prakash Singh

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The correct answer is C. Favipiravir (It is not indicated)

D. All of the above can be used. However in severe cases inj Remdesivir is preferred instead of tab fabiflu. Tab fabiflu is in mild to moderate cases.

All the above should be given as per body weight and severity of disease .

All3 indicated

Life saving should be first priority


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Option D:- since in severe infection we use corticosteroid along with antivirals regardless of age, only dosages will be monitored.

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