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Patient N (chloroquine resistant), was treated with a combination of atovaquone and proguanil for a mixed P. falciparum and P. vivax malarial infection. Which of the following should doctor M expect to be more common given his drug treatment ?

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vivax and Plasmodium ovale differ from Plasmodium falciparum in that they have a hypnozoite stage, which persists in the liver and causes relapses after clearance of the acute blood-stage infection. So, theoretically there would be no relapse in falciparum malaria but if at all anyone gets it second time it must be either Recru- descence or re infection. No relapse in p falciparum.

Chances of relapse common in vivax liver cycle but if relapse falciparum drug bd21 days

Chances of relapse are more common in plasmodium vivax species due to exoerythrocytic cycle in liver due to dormant hypnozoites.plasmodium falciparum has no relapse at all..

Relapse of both may occur. Because primaquin 45 mg stat should be given for P falciparum gametocytes and primaquin 15mg daily X 14 days should be given for P vivax radical cure.

SUGGESTIVE. OF.. 1... P. Falciparum Relapse....

Chances of P Falciparum relapse is more common.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

1. P. falciparum relapse

Thanks@Dr. Dinesh Gupta Sir.

The correct answer is,"P. vivax relapse"

यह एक सामान्य बात है।

Chances of falciparum relapseis more common...

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