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Which of the following is typical sign and symptom of pneumonia?

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B CORRECT IN PNEMONITIS , Is Restrictive Lung Disease In Which Pnemocyte 1 & 2 get damage by Viral , Bacterial infection so pnemocyte 2 (Surfactant) decrease lead to Decrease in Compliance of alveoli . So , Oxygen Exchange at Alveo-aterial Decreases . Oxygen depletion occur in patient that lead ARDS .... In Covid 19 Most commonly causes Pneumonitis . But pt death is most common due to 1) Sepsis 2) Septic shock 3) ARDS Post Pneumonia , pt has to Take Anti-Coagulant drugs Rivoraxaban Thank You !

Clinical features are more important to know .a doctor will take pulse and then use stethoscope then he will check bp and then use pulse oxymeter your patient has more faith in your stethoscope then pulse oxymeter . history , body language and stathoscope finding are more important xray is just to confirm your diagnosis sometimes patient is so late injactable drug with oxygen has to be given priority .

Absolutely B.

Thank you Sir@Dr. Vipin Bihari Jain .

As pneumonitis is damage to pulmonary alveoli induration resulting lower lung perfusion and pt feels hypoxic Stridor is sign of obstruction at tracheolaryngeal level which is not the case in pneumonea Non productive nagging cough is of viral but of bronchial tree Low pc02 is suggestive alkalosis

Thanx dr Pranab Bera

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B is sign but A is symptom of pneumonia, therefore both make sign and symptom

Thanks Dr. Shivraj Agrawal, Dr. Pranab Bera, Dr. Ashok leel, Dr. Anjana Ahirwar, Dr.Dinesh Gupta

B.o2 saturation less than 90%

Thank you Doctor!

Pneumonia sign is spo2 less than 90%, chest retraction, fever high grade, chill, rigor, intercostal retraction. Xray chest show white opaque indicates consolidation. Stridor is upper respiratory tract obstruction. Croup is one of the cause for stridor. Church tower appearance in xray neck enclose upper chest.

A. Stridor is a typical sign of pneumonia.

Thanks Dr Pranab Bera

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A .Stridor is a typical sign of pneumonia .

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