radiology shows coronoid fracture , what's it's best management ?



sir the coronoid fracture results in upwards retraction of fracture coronoid with temporalis muscle, so generally it doesnt matter as other elevator muscles will aid in closing of mouth , patient will hv pain in opening of mouth which cn b managed with mouth opening exercises n muscle relaxation by medication or warm compress. but in cases where coronoid becomes a hindrance in opening or closing of mouth due to its entangalment or impingement in zygomatic arch, its better to open the space n explore for coronoid fragment n remove it, misplaced coronoid in close proximity with both proximal part of mandible and zygomatic arch may go in for bony or fibrous ankylosis


In such cases usually occlusion is normal so conservative treatment is best choice followed by mouth opening and closing reduction is required if there is concomitant fracture of zygoma,zygomatic arch..

for coronoid fracture no treatment is required. just ask the patient for mouth opening exercises. I am confused regarding the left side condyle. is it a fracture on the subcondyle

open reduction and plating . If there is any contraindication for open reduction, you may go for IMF --it may give satisfactory result .

For coronoid # surgical correction is not necessary unless you want to remove it. IMF is more than enough.

Open reduction with plating is good.also go for Imf

IMF is good if patient can't afford surgery.

imf will give satisfactory result

IMF is the good choice for it.

open reduction wid platin

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