trauma hip

Rare anterior hip dislocation in a 27 year old male patient following rta, came out to be COVID positive. How do you proceed?


CT images show dislocation Xray surprisingly look like it is reduced Such incidents are common while shifting the patient Clinically confirm dislocation Closed reduction under anaesthesia Above knee skin traction for three weeks Technique of reduction: can follow the books Otherwise put the patient on the floor One person stabilize the pelvis Other person give traction in the line of deformity Hip might just slip back with adequate muscle relaxation in anaesthesia

Did you reduce it? Reducing the hip is important whether covid or no covid. Rest can be tackled at a later stage. Kindly look for abdo/pelvic organ injuries. GT seems to be fractured as well.

Yes. Reduced it in a ppe kit. X-rays is post reduction.

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Labral injury cannot bee commented in this ct recon film

Nice sir

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