Rare birth defect known as Gastroschisis it is a congenital defect of anterior abdominal wall in which baby's intestinal. contents freely protrudes out of the abdominal cavity due to the failure of the abdominal wall to develop probably after the disruption of the blood supply to the wall The small ,large,bowel stomach often fallopian tube ovary testes .....herniate through this defect surgical closure by stretching abdominal cavity is the only treatment




Dear @Roshni R Again a rare of the rarest case from your desk, perhaps very few doctors are lucky enough to deal or face this case. As " MyeloMeningocele" is one of the variant of " Spina Bifida " or " Split Spine", this is due to incomplete closure of Neural tube in the area of Spine. It is a neural tube defect in which bones of Spine don't completely form as a result of which Spinal Canal is incomplete. Due to incomplete Spinal Canal, Meninges and Spinal cord protrude from Child's back. 90 percent of these MyeloMeningocele cases also suffer from Hydrocephalus. There is no exact cause to this rare disease and possibly folid acid deficiency is the crucial factor during 1st trimester pregnancy which causes " Neural tube defect" hence " Spina Bifida " Thus, during antenatal care, it is mandatory in most of the countries to take folic acid with Iron during pregnancy. Many of the doctors prescribe Folic acid plus DHA tablets to pregnant mother. Surgery is the best option to repair it as soon as possible. Hope this satisfy the rest quench remaining among curofians to this rare case of " MyeloMeningocele" .

It's one type of spina bifida Abnormalities in the spinal cord often cause problems in lower limbs, bowels and bladder functions. Some children might lose complete control of their bladder or bowel . Their legs may b partially or completely paralyzed or lack sensation. In others it's mildly affected....

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