Rare finding of Duodenal Varices

A male who is a k/c/o CLD (ALD) Chief Complaints Intermittent Malaena (Hb - 6.6) Investigations UGIE - Showed these in D2



Good case to see Duodenal varices i am yet to see Known c/o CLD could be the reason as potentially a c/o portal hypertension increase varicosity in mesenteric vessels Yes sclerotherapy may be attempted

Thank you doctor

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Duodenal varices is a rare entity and it is ectopic varices of which duodenal varices comprise 2-5% of all varices. It is very difficult to diagnose even after repeated doing OGD due to difficult position as mucosal and sub mucosal. As it is due with pulmonary hypertension may be associated with cirrhosis of liver and many times due to severe bleeding may land to rise of blood urea and systemic acidosis at that time it becomes very difficult to manage. Teatment A clipping of the varices B. Sclerotherapy C some time when bleeding become uncontrollable segmental duodenectomy may be required.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta.

Duodenal varices is a rare condition Thank you for bringing out such a rare case Endoscopic diagnosis of duodenal varices can be quite difficult due to their serosal and submucosal location. It's treatment can be band ligation, sclerotherapy, transjugular intrahepatic Porto systemic shunt, intervention radiology procedure, open surgical treatment

Thank you doctor

Intresting Duodenal varices Malena Hb6 point6 Sclerotherapy with histoacryl glue Opinion of Gastroenterology

Duodenal varices Malena 6point6 Hb Sclerotherapy with histoacryl Opinion of Gastroenterology

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