Rare teeth picture

teeth which very rarely seen in clinic practice... I had taken these pics few years back when I was was examining oral cavity during free dental checkup Camp in school.... best regard



First pic looks like its fusion or may be taurodontism Abnormally shaped tooth Second pic looks like there are supernumerary tooth present. Whole arch pic is needed May be the permanent is erupting and decidous have not exfoliated

Are these pics from one single patient??

No, two different pts that were studying in two different schools .the first one was boy and the second one is a girl.

Superanumerary tooth present Fusion Tourodintism Permanent eruption

Mohr's syndrome Sturge Weber syndrome Rubinstein taybi syndrome


Certainly ,it is. I have more than 3,000pics( most common to rare one) of oral and dental problems which were taken during free dental checkup camps in more than 150 schools .For example this one.... Even had posted in my fb page /gorup few years ago. If you/anyone like to see, I can share them here

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A case of bud differentiation...

Interesting case..

Thank you doctor

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